Crowne Plaza Newcastle Hotel

Crowne Plaza Newcastle HotelThis is one of the newest,modern and stylish hotel in Australia.It is located only 2 hours drive from Sydney.

The location of this hotel makes it attractive and appealing since it is surrounded with charming local attractions, spectacular beaches and historic city center. It has all the modern and luxurious facilities that suit every kind of occasion and guest.

It is well known for its reputable and quality services.This is a wonderful weekend and festive season gateway destination hotel.

Features and characteristics of Crowne Plaza Newcastle hotel ;-Has broadband and wireless Internet access-Spacious living area as well as a pantry. Has spectacular swimming beaches as well as lively working harbour.

-It also has sporting facilities such as Golf ,course,Billiards and Tennis court.-Has friendly and courteous staffs. They are very helpful and enthusiastic. The team of staff ensures that you have a comfortable stay in the hotel.

It comprise of beautifully decorated spacious rooms which are of good size and very comfortable. The tastefully furnished rooms with window walls give a magnificent view of the city. As you enjoy your meal and drinks,you also enjoy harbour views. The rooms also have luxurious beds, adjustable air conditioning,cable television and Internet access among many other features. Its modern bathrooms are excellent with all shower facilities.

Why go for Crowne Plaza Newcastle hotel(1)The hotel services are affordable since they are offered at a very low price.(2)It meets all your needs and desires no matter the level of your income.(3)Your comfort and luxury are well catered for.

Experience amazing and memorable events by going for Crowne Plaza Newcastle hotel.In case you want to connect with your friends and family over a memorable drink and meal,i highly recommend Crowne Plaza Newcastle for you.Go and discover the unique allure and flavor in this trusted and reliable hotel.

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